About us

Sri Lanka, once known to the Western world as Ceylon and to the ancients as Taprobane, is situated at the southernmost tip of India and for this reason, is commonly referred to as a 'tear drop' or the Pearl of the East.

It has a recorded history of over 2500 years and is populated by three main races: the Sinhala, Tamil and Moor people, and also includes other minority races. The majority of the population are Sinhalese and their history can be traced back to 483B.C. when Vijaya set foot on the island. The island has also been known by other romantic names like Serendib, Zeilan, Sila-Diva, Salike and Simundu. The Chinese called it "The Land Without Sorrow". It is now well known as "The Resplendent Land".

Sri Lanka is truly resplendent being blessed with a paradise-like beauty, deep-blue seas, sandy beaches, and a balmy 32 degrees all year round on the coastal areas.

Sri Lanka has an amazing variety of food. There is a rich Indigenous selection with distinct differences in taste in the low country, hill country and in the north of the island. There are also influences from conquerors who brought their own contributions of cuisine - mainly the British, Portuguese and Dutch.


In this menu, you will be delighted with the selection from Sri Lanka where the offerings have been tempered with characteristics of Indian, Arab, Malay, Moor, Portuguese, Dutch and British influences. There are also modern and native Australian and Italian dishes all set to a contemporary and flamboyant style.

Whilst thanking you most gracefully in true Sri Lankan style, we bring our hands together, touching palms and with our head bowed saying "Ayubowan" which means welcome. We hope you will enjoy the presentation, the colours and the taste of every little morsel of food that you order from our carefully selected menu.

Isthuthi - Thank you
- The Banana Leaf Restaurant Team