Dessert Menu

Watalapum (Coconut Treacle Custard) (G) (D)
A favourite of all 'sweet tooths' inherited from the Arab traders and perfected by Sri Lankan housewives, this is the brown custard to die for!  //9.90

Curd and Treacle (G)
A simple sweet enjoyed by all Sri Lankans. The treacle is produced from the 'Kitul" palm and is a form of pure palm sugar. It combines particularly well with curd. //9.90

Bread and Butter Pudding
Made to a secret 'granny' recipe with brandy and raisins, served warm with custard and ice-cream //9.90

Selections from our Sweet Cabinet //9.90

Homemade Chocolate, Mango or Coffee Kahlua mousse (G) //9.90

Sri Lankan Faluda (G)
Rose sherbet, milk, casa casa and jelly topped with vanilla ice-cream //9.90

Mango Lassi (G)
A refreshing drink of fresh pureed mango with lite yoghurt //7.70

Mango Melba (G)
Sri Lankan combination of fresh pureed mango and vanilla ice-cream //9.90

Love Cake - the cake loved by lovers
Made with cashew nuts and semolina to a very old Dutch-Lanka receipe, served with a scoop of ice-cream //9.90

Sri Lankan Home-Made Ribbon Cake
A Sri Lankan favourite. This is a very light, less sugar, no cream, ribbon cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream //9.90

Ayubowan! We bring hands together in the traditional greeting to sincerely thank you for your esteemed patronage.


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