Please specify special dietary requirements when ordering
(G) Gluten free // (D) Dairy free // (V) Vegetarian // (VG) Vegan


Mulligatawny Soup (G) (V) (D) -  A Sri Lankan vegetarian spiced soup. Literal translation is 'pepper water'. An interesting spicy soup made with pureed carrot, celery, sweet potatoes and apple sautéed in onion, garlic and curry powder. Garnished with grains of rice and finished off with a dash of yogurt  // 16.90
Chicken option available // 18.90

Chicken Breast Schnitzel -  Served with french fries and garnish  // 17.90

Vegetarian Risotto (G) (V) -  'Home-style' risotto with carrots, mushrooms, capsicums, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, grana pandano cheese and dressed with red wine reduction  // 17.90
Chicken option available // 19.90

Steak Sandwich à la Lanka -  Minute steak infused with cumin and ginger. Served with tomato, pickled aubergine, cheese, Spanish onion rings and french fries  // 18.90

Chicken Biriyani (G) -  Oven-baked basmati rice and chicken cooked in a ginger and turmeric stock with typical Sri Lankan spices and herbs. Served with boiled egg wedges and condiments. Beef & fish option also available  // 19.90

Penne Pollo -  Pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomato, red and green capsicum, kalamata olives, onion, garlic and cream  // 19.90

Banana Leaf Toasted Club Sandwich -  Triple-decker sandwich with chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, fried egg and ham. Served with french fries  // 18.90

Chicken or Vegetarian Savoury Pan Rolls (V) (D) (VG) -  Mildly curried minced chicken and potato with Sri Lankan spices and herbs or assorted fresh garden vegetables wrapped in a crunchy crumbed pan roll. Served with salad garnish and sweet chilli  // 19.90

Pan-Grilled Barramundi - Australian bush spice lemon myrtle and dorrigo pepper dusted barramundi fish fillet. Served with french fries and drizzled with tartar sauce and salad garnish  // 19.90

Potato & Pea Crispy Patties (V) -  Potato and green pea with Sri Lankan spices wrapped in patty pastry and lightly fried. Served with garnish and chilli yogurt  // 16.90

Sri Lankan Style Rice with Curries (G) (D) (V) (VG) -  Steamed rice with an assortment of black and white curries, coconut sambol and a papadum. Colour, fragrance and taste come together in perfect harmony. Your choice of either beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian curry  // 19.90

Chilli Chicken Burger - Chicken thigh fillet cooked in mild red chilli, fresh sweet basil, rice wine and cream. Served with fresh tomato, pickled aubergine, cheese and french fries  // 19.90

Lomprisht -  Basmati savory rice with a fragrant combination of curried chicken, fish frikkadel, eggplant pickle and potato, all wrapped in banana leaves and baked to enhance the rich flavours of this traditional Dutch-inspired meal. Served with condiments, and mild curry sauce  // 26.90

Smoked Salmon and Egg Salad (G) (D) -  Served with crisp house salad and a duet of vinaigrette and caper cream  // 19.90

Fisherman's Single Catch (D) -  Beer battered and fried flathead fish served with french fries, salad garnish and tartar sauce  // 18.90

Oriental Pork Loin (G) (D) -  Pork loin cooked in red wine, balsamic and rosemary reduction. Served with potatoes of the day and steamed vegetables // 25.90

String Hoppers (G) (D) (V) (VG) -  Sri Lankan rice noodle dough pressed through a special mould and steamed on string hopper mats. Your choice of either beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian curry, and served with the traditional accompaniments // 29.90

Pittu (D) (V) (VG) -  Pebbles of different flour, semolina and coconut steamed in a cylindrical mould. Your choice of either beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian curry, and served with the traditional accompaniments  // 29.90

Kotthu Rotti (D) (V) -  Strips of Sri Lankan rotti tossed with onions, chillies, leeks, carrot, egg, and cabbage. Served with your choice of either chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian curry  // 27.90

Sri Lankan Prawn Curry (G) (D) -  Sri Lankan spice induced prawn curry served with fried vegetable rice and papadum strips. Accompanied with coconut and chilli sambol. Your choice of mild, medium or hot  // 32.90 

Traditional Lamb Biriyani - Diced marinated lamb layered with fragrant basmati rice, fried onions, cashew nuts, sultanas and Sri Lankan spices. Served with a fried boiled egg, meat gravy, raita and papadums // 30.90

Black Angus Sirloin Steak (G) (D) -  Black Angus beef sirloin (250g MSA) cooked to your liking and served with potatoes of the day and steamed vegetables.  Your choice of mushroom or peppercorn sauce  // 34.90

Lamb Cutlets (G) (D) -  A trio of grilled lamb cutlets with mint and red wine reduction. Served with potatoes of the day and steamed vegetables // 34.90


Garlic or Herb Bread - 7.00  //  Rotti - 7.00 //  Rotti with lentil dip - 9.00
Plain Rice - 4.50 //  Savory Rice - 5.00 //  Plain Bread with Butter - 4.50  // French Fries - 8.50 
Extra spice condiments, raita, gravy or sauces - 3.00
Side of extra Vegetable curry 7.50, Side of Meat / Fish curry 8.50
Cakeage 2.50 per person


An extra 2% surcharge applies on American Express and Diners cards.


Thank You - Isthuthi